Views on nursing as a career or a job and my professional objectives related to nursing

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Nursing Profession

Views on nursing as a career or a job and my professional objectives related to nursing.

The unique roles of nurses comprise of caring for patients and assessing their reactions to health status. I believe this helps the sick in the performance of various activities that enhance their recovery. Within the nursing care environment, nurses with other healthcare workers share their functions of planning, implementing, and assessment to ensure adequate health systems that promote health, caring for the ill, and prevents illness (Masters, 2018).

Nurses should always work with an intention that is beyond just getting a salary because all this task requires a lot of commitments and determination that is voluntary.Nursing is, therefore, more of a career than a job because it is a sequence of connected service opportunities. Continuing professional advancement is an expectation and expression need for the nurses in all the career stages (Barber Rioja, & Rosenfeld, 2018). It is with this regard that I aim to uphold my character of integrity and honesty. This is through ensuring that I do not copy professional evaluations and ensuring that I aspire for high levels of professional and personal conduct.

Again, my professional goal is to work together with other medical professionals, and through this, I believe that I will develop my skills every day in nursing. I also aim to treat every patient individually, putting in mind that the individuals have diverse beliefs, values, and needs. I believe in the fact that in nursing, care is a priority where communication is core. I aim to provide advice and information precisely so that patients can understand and make informed decisions for the best interest of the customers. I believe that all this set of values will elevate the quality of nursing care as a way of improving the methods, judgments, and standards that direct nursing practices every day. Working in professional environments enhances skills developments that are of great significance at any stage of the career (Price & Reichert, 2017).

Steps to take in preparation for an interview

I believe that any skills and potential possessed by one does not mean anything without conquering a nursing interview. It becomes difficult for an individual to go to the next stage of his career, and this can be very devastating. I believe that evaluating myself is one way to ace an interview. Before the actual interview, I will formulate a list of questions and try to answer them in front of a mirror or even ask help from friends or relatives. Through this, I can find the answers to the questions I expect in the interview panel.

Also, I will research the specific institution where I am to avail myself of the interview through their websites or visiting before the day of the interview. I believe this is the best way to check if my own professional and personal values rhyme with theirs, and this will put me ahead of the competition in an interview.

Moreover, I will prepare my documents before the time comes. This is core because it will enable help me make sure that I do not miss out on anything that can be of help in the interview. On the day of the interview, I will ensure that I look professional. It means that I will glue to dressing modestly and avoid dresses that are flashy. Planning my day is another thing that I believe to be core. I will check the weather forecast the night before the interviews to enable me to pick appropriate attire. I will also check on the institutions’ locations and plan for the best mode of transportation that will ensure I get to the interview before time. I will also ensure that I get enough sleep before the day of the interview to ensure the optimal cognitive presentation


Price, S., & Reichert, C. (2017). The importance of continuing professional development to career satisfaction and patient care: meeting the needs of novice to mid-to late-career nurses throughout their career span. Administrative Sciences, 7(2), 17.

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