The moral principle in which such decisions are made is called “confidentiality”

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The moral principle in which such decisions are made is called “confidentiality” (Finch, J. (2019). Confidentiality is derived from the word confidence. One does not keep confidentiality; one keeps a confidence. Privacy and confidentiality differ in various ways. Privacy refers to the right of an individual to keep his or her health information private. Confidentiality refers to the duty of anyone entrusted with health information to keep that information private. Though they both have a duty to warn and protect an individual from harm’s way, the approach is not the same. For example, as a coordinator of community services, I deal with a great deal of health information that can be extremely sensitive to my clients. I respect their privacy by making sure that the legal protection of personal medical information is not being shared on a public platform. In regard to their confidentiality, I ensure that the protection of their information is not shared with an attorney, therapist, physician, or any other third party without express consent. The same goes for privileged communication as well. Privileged communication is an interaction between two parties in which the law recognizes a private, protected relationship. Whatever is communicated between the parties remains confidential, and the law cannot force their disclosure.

The most important aspect of confidentiality in the field of developmental disabilities would be to prevent the disclosure of mental health care and developmental service records without consent. The Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Confidentiality Act of Illinois enforced this law on January 1, 1994. The Act is intended to protect not only written records but also all information individuals give to their therapist in the course of receiving services. It also protects all communications that an individual may make while they receive mental health or developmental disability services(Hart, E. L., & Larsen, D. (2009). The responsibility to protect my clients is something I’m extremely familiar with my field of work. For instance, if a client comes to me and expresses that they are having thoughts of suicide, this would lead me to breach confidentiality in order to protect my client.


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Confidentiality is a promise to not give out or share another individual’s information, or business, or institution with others unless you have their permission to do so. It is also being able to trust another individual with information that you have shared with them whether it is a personal, private, or secret business that no one else knows about you. Like when I worked in the healthcare field confidentiality was very important and it was something, I had to make sure I did to keep the patient’s personal information and medical issues or records secret. Confidentiality plays a major role in all organizations that deal with clients, employees, or anyone else that gives them information for themselves. “Significant contribution towards the practice of confidentiality” (Bokhari,2014).

Privacy is the engaging of an individual or group that secludes themselves or the information pertaining to them and expressing themselves accordingly or selectively. When individuals have something, they do not want to share with others it means that it is sentimental to them or it is very special that they want to keep to themselves. If someone gets your personal information or your medical information without you having any idea they do, it means they have invaded your privacy in a major way.

Privileged communication is an interaction that happens between two people that involves a personal private relationship in which everything is kept confidential and private between the two people. For example, a hospital can not divulge a patient’s medical records or their diagnosis of what is wrong with them to a family member. “In professional relationship, the right of protection for the communication belongs to the client, patient, or penitent”. ( (Links to an external site.).

Duty to Warn is you are responsible for the livelihood of another person’s downfall, or injury. Meaning you had the opportunity to give them a heads up or warning but didn’t do anything to stop it from happening. For example, you hear someone tell a friend they are going to shoot a couple of people and you decided not to call the police or tell someone else, then the next day a couple of people get shot and die.

Duty to Protect something that we as individuals take seriously because people depend on us to shield them from hurting themselves. No matter who it is a grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle, psychiatrist, lawyer, therapist, preacher, and counselor they all will protect you from things that will hurt you or make you want to do something to hurt someone else.

What would you think is the most important aspect of confidentiality as it relates to your profession?

When I worked in hospital confidentiality was very important and it was a must because it created a bond with the patients and a responsibility of communication and trust with them. The employees learned to be calm, communicate well, and patient with the patients and helped them have an easy process during their visit to the doctor or nurse.


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Privileged Communication-Investopedia (Links to an external site.)


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