one counseling intervention in relation to an identified mental health

Please no plagiarism and make sure you are able to access all resource on your own before you bid. Main references come from Balkin, R. S., & Kleist, D. M. (2017) and/or American Psychological Association (2014). Assignments should adhere to graduate-level writing and be free from writing errors. I have also attached resources given to complete the assignment. Please follow the instructions to get full credit. I need this completed by 09/28/19 at 7pm. The case number you will focus on is #2. You will complete only part 1 of the worksheet attached.

Assignment – Week 5

As you learned in Week 1, for the Final Project, you will research one counseling intervention in relation to an identified mental health issue and apply your findings to a case study. This week, there are a number of decisions for you to make to solidify your project. You will complete Part I of the Final Project Worksheet. The first step is to choose the case study that you plan to utilize in your project. You will notice that some case studies include more than one potential client. For example, in the case of Jim, the 14-year-old adolescent, you may opt to focus on the family or the teen. After you identify the case and choose the client, identify one presenting problem or mental health issue for counseling focus.

Now, put your counselor hat on. You have an identified client and a presenting problem. Where do you go from here? As a counselor, you have an ethical responsibility to provide competent practice. There is an expectation that you will utilize interventions that are supported with empirical research. So, your next step is to identify an intervention that you would like to use with your client. For your project, you will investigate current counseling research related to the intervention in order to make an informed decision about evidence-based practice. To launch your research, you will formulate a research question to guide your investigation.

To Prepare

· Review the Final Project Worksheet Part 1 media program found in the Learning Resources for this week

· Review the Final Project Case Studies found in the Learning Resources for this week and choose one of the four case studies to use for your Final Project. School counselors should choose Case 1 or 2.

· Consider the case study and identify your client and the mental health issue you will focus on

· Choose one intervention that you would like to further investigate for possible use with the client

· Review the Final Project Worksheet Template found in the Learning Resources and use this template for this Part 1 Assignment.

Final Project Assignment

· Complete Final Project Part 1 of the Final Project Worksheet.

Required Resources

Required Readings

Document: Final Project Case Studies

Document: Final Project Worksheet

Required Media

Laureate Education (Producer). (2017c). Final project worksheet part 1 [Audio file]. Baltimore, MD: Author.

Note: The approximate length of this media piece is 10 minutes.

In this recorded audio, Dr. Laura Haddock describes the portion of the Final Project due this week, with a review of the remaining components and corresponding due dates.

Accessible player –Downloads– Download Video w/CC Download Audio Download Transcript
COUN 6626: Research Methodology and Program Evaluation

Final Project Case Studies

Case Study 1

Chloe, an 8-year-old African American female, has been brought to counseling by her foster mother. Cloe was removed from her biological mother’s home after reports of physical and sexual abuse were substantiated by an investigation by the Department of Human Services. Law enforcement became involved after reports that Chloe’s biological mother was allowing adult men to sexually abuse Chloe for drugs. Initial concerns of this behavior started when Chloe was just 5 years old. It was only recently that these concerns were able to be substantiated, resulting in Chloe’s placement into foster care and the parental rights of her biological mother terminated. Chloe currently lives in foster care and is available for adoption. Her foster mother indicates that she tends to withdraw from interpersonal interaction with adults. Chloe is a highly sensitive child and cries easily. The foster mother, Elaine, has noticed that Chloe is demonstrating distress anytime she is separated from her foster parents. When Chloe is dropped off at school, daycare, or swimming lessons, she is tearful and chews her fingernails until they bleed. Her teachers indicate that the distress tends to resolve within about 30 minutes, but Chloe often isolates herself and will not participate in any activities until after this time passes. As a result, she is behind in her schoolwork and she has not made friends within her social or academic environments.

Case Study 2

Jim is a 14-year-old Caucasian male whose parents have requested services. Jim’s sister, Helen, died suddenly 5 months ago in a car accident. Since then, Jim has had changes in his behavior that his parents are worried about, but they assumed Jim was simply trying to cope with the loss of his sister. This week, however, his mother found empty beer bottles and empty compressed air cans hidden in his bedroom and this alarmed his parents enough to bring him to counseling. Jim claims that he has only tried drinking or huffing on a couple of occasions, and that he does not have a problem. His grades have stayed intact with mostly As and Bs, but in the last month, his peer group has changed. He no longer spends time with friends that he has grown up with and now hangs out with kids that his dad describes as “goth.” He has gotten in trouble at school for skipping class and received in school suspension. Jim has historically been a cooperative child who was obedient at home and school. He is not verbally disrespectful to his parents at this time, though he has become more secretive putting passwords on his phone and locking his bedroom door. When his parents ask him to unlock the door or remove the password, he does so, but only temporarily. Jim’s teachers indicate that he has become more introverted in his behavior in recent weeks and no longer engages in classroom discussions or is cooperative during group activities. Jim’s biological father is in recovery for alcoholism and is very fearful that Jim will develop an addiction to substances. Jim’s mother is adamant that this is just a “stage” and that Jim is just “being a teenager.” Jim’s parents do not talk about his sister’s death which has left Jim to find his own way of coping. Mom is an enabler who ignores her death and Dad goes to AA meetings to get support in maintaining his 7 years of sobriety, leaving all members of the family to hurt in isolation.

Case Study 3

Natasha is a 40-year-old Latina woman who is self-referred to counseling. Natasha reports that she is in love with a woman, Nicole, and she is afraid that if her family finds out she is a lesbian they will disown her. She describes her family as “die-hard Catholic” that views homosexuality as a sin. Natasha has lost 20 pounds worrying about what will happen when her family finds out she is gay. She experiences nightly sleep disturbances and frequently tosses and turns and gets less than 2 hours of sleep. She has stopped participating in activities and spends most of her time at home isolating herself. She reports that she is no longer able to enjoy being with friends or participating in things she enjoys such as yoga or bicycling because she can’t think about anything but her family. Because she is not eating or sleeping well, her performance at work has deteriorated and her boss has put her on a performance improvement plan. In addition to her concerns about her family, she is now also worried about losing her job. Her partner, Nicole, has a very accepting support system and has never experienced the anxiety of being rejected for her sexual identity. Nicole’s family is accepting of Nicole’s identity and her family has been a safe place for the two of them to be themselves. Nicole is angry at Natasha’s parents for not being accepting of Natasha and because of Nicole’s protectiveness of Natasha, the their relationship is strained. Natasha feels torn between the woman she loves and her family who has raised her. This has caused conflict in the relationship because Natasha feels that Nicole is being insensitive toward her circumstances. Their communication has deteriorated and Natasha fears “losing everything” including her family, her partner, and her job. Her daily functioning is impacted by her inability to find joy in activities and her sleep and appetite disturbance. She doesn’t know what to do.

Case Study 4

Jared is a 37-year-old African American male who is referred to counseling by his girlfriend, Sheila. Sheila is worried about Jared because he is short-tempered and on edge, shouts at his girlfriend, and loses his cool with his kids, ages 13 and 15. Jared was served with divorce papers upon his return from deployment and now only sees his children every other weekend. Jared reports that he “can’t think straight.” He describes wanting to lock himself away and draw the curtains. Jared cries openly when describing that he served four years in Operation Iraqi Freedom as a marine. He also expresses reluctance to enter into counseling because he fears being labeled. In the 12 years since returning home from his deployment, Jared has struggled with his divorce and homelessness. He reports believing that people with mental problems are wimps or fakers. He explains that when he was a medic, he coped with the horrors that he had seen in war by trying to block it all out. He would have a few beers or smoke marijuana, and try and put it behind him. However, he admits that he has a particular event that plays over and over in his head. One scene, that of a young child who had been mutilated but left alive, is particularly haunting to him. He has daily thoughts…

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