Electronic portfolios for professional advancement

Melissa Hinkhouse

Week 5 Discussion Board Original Post

Melissa Hinkhouse

To be honest, I have never had an interest in creating a professional portfolio before reviewing this material. I thought this was something only actors and models did to showcase their headshots. I had never heard of a Curriculum Vitae. I had a fancy resume with my information types on it, I had even gone as far as had it printed on the extensive paper. Without having completed a portfolio, I understand why I was not selected for some positions I applied for.

I believe I first need to start with writing my Curriculum Vitae, as it states on the Walden Writing Centers Guide, curtail your Curriculum Vitae guide to the position you are applying for. This would go for your entire portfolio. I think the mean of it stays the same, but some minor adjustments to fit the position would be needed, highlight academic and accomplishments that relate to that area vs. another. Updated your resume is critical, including writing a specific job-related summary, I do not currently have an overview of my resume. Reviewing the articles on Professional Portfolios, my understanding is they are to display your progression and accomplishments along with your advancements and career path. It is to be a paper interview. I believe you have a few options to include academic activities and achievements. A person can list them in the Curriculum Vitae, which seems straight forward. Another option is they can be displayed by awards in a subcategory. A person can create an e-portfolio or a paper portfolio depending on the situation. There are so many options, by being creative, you show some of your personality through your individual collection.


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Melissa Matejovsky RE: Discussion – Week 5

An academic portfolio is beneficial for a new scholar to maintain, as it highlights knowledge gained, support of evidence-based practice, and accomplishments. The portfolio exhibits not only past education but continued education within intended career field, which is felt to be linked with career development and salary (Casey & Egan, 2013). Portfolios can be in paper form or through a digital platform. It is estimated that 60 to 80% of perspective employers conduct online search of each candidate and it is recommended for all practicing profession/students to be aware of the digital presences across all platforms (Hannans & Olivo, 2017). In this digital age, it is important for everyone to be aware of the content posted or endorsed as it can be a direct reflection upon the person posting and cause limitations within a career if deemed inappropriate from perspective employers. The portfolio should demonstrate a commitment to continued competency within profession, should be unique to the person, clear and orderly, and should grow with the person across the lifespan of their career (Smith, 2011). It is important for each nursing professional to develop strategies for portfolio development and digital content.

Strategies Identified

The first strategy for portfolio development would be platform consideration. For students, some schools provide platforms such as Portfolium and Pathbrite, whereas, other social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Careerbuilder, or Monster.com (Hannans & Olivo, 2017). Social media platforms allow for the professional or student to not only highlight their accomplishments but connects them with other like professionals and opens a network of job opportunities. Again, it is important to remain aware of what digital content is being released as it can be a depiction of the posting individual. Some employers still require a resume or paper copies of career achievements, but it is good practice for networking to have a digital presence as well.

The second strategy for building a professional portfolio is remaining committed to professional development, advancement, and continuing education. This commitment enhances the portfolio development over the years but shows employers/network of colleagues, professional growth. Competency of nursing abilities remains the fundamental bases for quality patient care and positive outcomes (Karami, Farokhzadian, & Foroughameri, 2017). In the development of professional competencies, an organizational commitment develops which propels each professional forward into activities outside of their normal requirements (Karami, Farokhzadian, & Foroughameri, 2017). This strategy will continue to elevate each professional their commitment to professional growth increases.


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EniolaOladokun RE: Discussion – Week 5COLLAPSE

A well-developed portfolio is a chronological, visual representation of your professional growth. The portfolio does not replace your curriculum vitae (CV) or resume, rather it is the supporting documentation that validates what you have stated on your CV. As a nurse scholar, successful branding is crucial to success in this industry and that is what will set you apart from your competitors. For this discussion, I have identified two strategies that will provide further details look at my accomplishments,

First, strategy is to make sure I have a current resume to showcase my education, achievements and to provide some background information. In the article” The use of professional portfolios for career enhancement”, Casey and Egan stated that it is important to include: “Biographical information, Educational background, Employment history, and professional qualification certificates” (Casey & Egan, 2013). This information provides an overview of what I currently have in my resume which includes my education, background and accomplishments which is a great way of introducing yourself to the people. Therefore, another key strategy is to plan on how and what would be the best way to layout all these pieces of documents to achieve the best display of your hard work in an organized and accurate manner.

Second strategy is through an online ePortfolio which is an online presentation or representation of my academic and professional experiences and achievements. An eportfolio is a way to show to potential employers how you want to be viewed professionally. “Rather than just a retrospective account of continuing professional development activities, a portfolio can be used as a vehicle for engaging in self-assessment and personal development planning. This online portfolio allows any employer to learn about the candidate’s

accomplishments whether they are a fit for the position before the face to face interview. My eportfolio helps me in demonstrating my wealth of experience and help substantiate what I am saying during an interview.

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