1. Regarding the Napoleonic Code, which of the following statements is false? – Brainy Essay Writers | brainyessaywriters.com

1. Regarding the Napoleonic Code, which of the following statements is false? – Brainy Essay Writers | brainyessaywriters.com

1. Regarding the Napoleonic Code, which of the following statements is false? A. It assured the absolute security of wealth and private property. B. It assured the political equality of all adult males. C. It was intended as a bargain with the French middle class. D. It was intended as a measure of reassurance for the aristocracy. 2. The first 10 amendments to the U.S. Constitution A. were promised by the Federalists. B. granted indigenous peoples equal rights. C. forbade the import of slaves by any state. D. were proposed by the Antifederalists. 3. All of the following were factors favoring British industrialization, except A. increased agricultural production. B. a decline in domestic demand for manufactured goods. C. rising urbanization and higher wages. D. immediate or canal access to ocean ports. 4. Under the Tokugawa peace, daimyo A. were prohibited from coining money. B. social status increased. C. were heavily engaged in foreign trade. D. castle building was encouraged. 5. In the context of African and Asian resistance to European colonialism, the nonconformists who became anti-imperialist activists were, above all, motivated by A. the quest for economic justice. B. the West’s failure to live up to their liberal ideals. C. the issue of human dignity. D. the need to adopt Western technology. 6. In 1557, the third Dalai Lama accepted an invitation to visit with Mongolia’s Altan Khan. As a result of that visit, A. Tibetan monasteries were moved to Mongolia. B. Tibetan monasteries became Mongol castles. C. the Mongols accepted Buddhism but continued the practice of blood sacrifice. D. Tibetan Buddhism became the official religion of the Mongols. 7. It is the case that Taizu A. could not be controlled by the empress. B. sometimes humiliated men of learning. C. greatly admired men of learning. D. was a patient and practical ruler. 8. By far the most brutal African colony was administered by A. France. B. Portugal. C. Belgium. D. Germany. 9. The German Reichstag did all of the following after Bismarck’s resignation in 1890 except A. pass laws that legalized socialist political activity. B. pass laws to aid workers. C. establish the world’s first social security system. D. yield central power to Kaiser William II. 10. Regarding Francis Xavier’s missionary efforts in Japan, which statement is true? A. He converted most of the daimyo. B. He was expelled from Japan and made almost no converts. C. Most warlords and some of the poor adopted Christianity. D. Most of his converts were among the poor. 11. The Mines Act of 1842 had the effect of A. ending child labor in coal mines. B. weakening the concept of separate spheres based on gender. C. introducing steam-driven pumps in the mines. D. prohibiting underground work for women and girls. 12. The German journalist Friedrich List persuaded German states to enter into a customs union. List’s efforts expressed the ideology of A. economic nationalism. B. tariff protectionism. C. class consciousness. D. economic determinism. 13. Cavour’s plan for expanding the Sardinian kingdom was rescued by A. King Victor Emmanuel. B. Pope Pius IX. C. Giuseppe Garibaldi. D. Napoleon III. 14. Under the Tokugawa shoguns, A. kabuki theatre was banned. B. civil war was eliminated by controlling the military. C. samurai power increased as daimyo power decreased. D. the capital city was moved to Kyoto. 15. Regarding trade and social change in Africa, which statement is true? A. The most important development in West Arica before European conquest was reliance on exporting salt. B. The West Africa Squadron succeeded in obstructing about 30 percent of the African slave trade. C. As late as 1750, Europeans viewed the slave trade as legitimate business. D. The transatlantic slave trade coincided with a substantial decline of slavery within Africa. 16. In the eighteenth century, the concept of liberty was, above all, a demand for A. national sovereignty. B. economic equality. C. universal suffrage. D. individual human rights. 17. During the international struggle over Saint Dominique, Toussaint L’Ouverture was made a _______ officer. A. Spanish B. French C. British D. Haitian 18. In the context of global migration, it often occurred that the movement of a business entrepreneur, a religious leader, or some admired person would encourage others to follow in what is called a/an A. “follow-the-leader” pattern. B. emulation chain. C. collective emulation. D. migration chain. 19. After the defeat of Austria by Prussia in 1866, A. Franz Joseph was forced to establish a dual monarchy. B. Franz Joseph gave up in trying the “Germanize” the empire. C. Conflicting nationalist interests were finally settled. End of exam D. The Magyars became an oppressed minority in Hungary. 20. All of the following events were directly related to the eventual advent of British textile factories, except A. the water frame. B. the spinning jenny. C. the growth of urbanization. D. the putting-out system.
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