My Story
This narrative is an opportunity for you to reflect upon your identity and the socializing agents that shaped it. You will examine some of the experiences in which some of your most prominent identity descriptors were involved and unravel the messages that were explicitly or implicitly sent through the socializing institutions played a role (i.e. family, school, community, etc.)
Minimum length: 1450 words (Approximately 5 double-spaced pages New Roman Font size 12)
After submitting your assignment to the assignment tool before the due date and time, also upload the assignment to the UAS before uploads are checked (see May calendar). A link to the UAS has been provided in the course menu.
The Culture Learning Process

Preparation for “My Story”

First, read through the directions for completing the assignment and email me with questions. Then review the assignment performance objectives and notice the format and headings in bold. In addition to the assigned readings throughout the semester, additional resources and guidance will be provided to assist you in this assignment. See web sites below.

Other forms of preparation can include:

Informal interviews with family, friends and other individuals about your experiences. For example, if your parents or caretakers had certain beliefs, ask them where they acquired those beliefs? You can ask them about their own experiences regarding their identity descriptors and socializing agents.

Research: Find out the sociohistorical, political and economic backdrop of your life. What types of events were happening when you were growing up? Who was benefitting from the current structure of society? Who was graduating from school by ethnicity and gender? What were the employment trends? Were there differences in wages by race/ethnicity/gender, for example? Who were the most prevalent victims of hate crimes? Explore the following websites as well as others that you may come across to gather more information about the context in which your identity was developed.

The National Center for Education Statistics
Bureau of Labor Statistics
Federal Bureau of Investigation
United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
The Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA)
Human Rights Watch
Human Rights Campaign
Gay, Lesbian, Straight, Education Network (GLSEN)
European Region of the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA)
United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization
The Hunger Project
The Civil Rights Project
Anti-Defamation League

Performance Objectives:
Use the phrases in bold as your subheading for each section of the paper.
1.    Quote: Start with a quote from the readings that connects to your goals and aspirations as a teacher. Explain why this quote stands out to you. Minimum length requirement: 100 words
2.    Identity Descriptors and Socializing Agents: Take a look at the identity descriptors on the outer circles of the The Culture-Learning Process (see image on attached assignment document).
a.    What 2 or more identity descriptors do you feel are the most privileged and least privileged in your life (4 total)? Explain your choices by describing experiences that have led you to come to your way of thinking as well as the socializing agents, in the middle of the circle that played a primary role in delivering the messages that make you feel that way.  For each identity experience described in part (a) provide and cite a fact related to that experience (this means you will have at least 4 citations and references).
b.    Based on the identity descriptors you selected, investigate the socializing agents behind the privilege and oppression you discuss.  You can explore schooling patterns, employment statistics, violence statistics, income rates and other structural indicators on the suggested sites above or information from your text/readings/videos. Explore other sites and news related to your identity descriptors that can provide information on sociohistorical, economic and political events that have shaped the way you and others might view your identity. For example, if you felt that at times you were oppressed because of your gender and ethnicity, search for historical patterns that may have contributed to your personal experiences. If you cant identify any way that you were oppressed, explore why this might be so.  (Minimum length requirement for a and b is 800 words)


Identity Descriptors and Socializing Agents
As an upper middle class Christian 3rd generation Latina woman, Ive had the benefit of living in a nice neighborhood, not worrying about where my food is coming from or going to the university (even though I am paying for some loans).  My family and I always go to Florida every year for a beach vacation. Ive also always had health insurance and my parents bought me a used car when I graduated high school.  In addition, I was able to wear the latest fashion clothes. When my grandmother passed away, she left my mother her house, which was fully paid. Mom sold it and with the money my parents were able to start their own business. I dont think I was ever stereotyped in school because of my class. Some of the most common stereotypes that are made about people who are poor are that they dont work hard, they are substance abusers, or dont care about education (Gorski, 2013). In fact, the opposite is true: on average adult in poverty work the equivalent of 1.5 jobs, middle and upper middle class people are more likely to be substance abusers and because of work schedules, parents in poverty are less likely to attend parent conference meetings or PTO meetings usually because they are scheduled at a time they can come and often this is interpreted as not caring (Gorski, 2013). I am a Christian and realize that I have the benefit of having most school holidays revolve around the Christian calendar. If I say Im Christian I never get a surprised reaction or questions about what I believe in or what my holidays are like. I never really even have to think about my religion. For example, I can wear my cross without getting strange looks unlike a friend of mine who is Jewish and always wears a kippah (a small head covering) and a tallit with tzitzit (a special garment worn under his shirt that has 4 hanging fringes). He says anytime he goes somewhere he feels like he always gets strange looks. He also told me that he gets harassed or experiences some form of microaggression at least once a month. The last incident he told me about was that he was in a store and he overheard a lady telling a story about how she jewed someone down. I never have to worry about things like this. According to (Cushner, McClelland & Safford, 2015) the religious right have had a strong influence on the curriculum and in the past censored books like Huckleberry Finn or Of Mice and Men. Here in Texas, the board of education, currently Republican controlled has been criticized for approving books that have a religious slant where they exaggerate the role biblical figures have play in the U.S. (Herskovitz & Forsyth, 2014. However, my race/ethnicity and gender have often placed me in a less privileged position. Because I am a brown Latina or look Latina to people (even though Latinas come in all colors!!), sometimes people assume I cant speak English or that I do speak Spanish. On several occasions, Ive had people ask me to translate something and I dont speak Spanish and when I tell them, I always get strange looks. Other Latinos that do speak Spanish always seem to react in a way that tries to shame me- as if its a requirement that I speak Spanish. Im constantly asked where Im from and when I say Chicago, many times they answer no, really, where are you from? I get tired of people assuming that Im not an American just because of the way I look.  In fact, as of 2015 there are 17.6% of Latinos in the U.S.  and over half (54.5%) of the Latino population lives in Texas, California and Florida! This makes it very difficult to understand why people keep asking me where Im from. When I was in school, I was always good at science and math but I cant remember a single time when I was encouraged to be something other than a math and science teacher. This is what I want to do but now I wonder why my teachers didnt encourage me or tell me about other fields? Cushner, McClelland & Safford (2015) state that gender role socialization plays an important part in gender differences and that from birth the way we are socialized, including the way we are held, the kinds of toys that we are given and the media all contribute to the idea that some things are suitable just for girls or just for boys. According to a report by the American Association for University Women(AAUW), some of the reasons there are so few women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) fields are: few role models, stereotype threat, and there is a need to encourage girls to take advanced STEM classes and make information available about the types of careers in which they can engage (Hill, Corbett, St. Rose,  & AAUW. I wish someone had done this for me.

(Your references should be on the last page of your paper and double spaced)
Cushner, K., McClelland, A. & Safford, P. (2015) Human diversity in education: An intercultural approach (8th edition). New York, NY: McGraw- Hill.
Gorski, P. (2013). Reaching and teaching students in poverty: Strategies for erasing the opportunity gap. New York, NY: Teachers College Press.
Herskovitz, J. & Forsyth, J. (Friday, November 21, 2014). Texas school board approves textbooks criticized for religious bent.Reuters. Retrieved from…

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