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2 assignments  posted here: assignment number 1 . read the case study and (Strategic Analysis Summary). double spaced  , 12 font , new times roman . minimum 2 pages-3 pages . professor will focus on the first 2 pages . that’s important . 

professor recommendation :Recommendation

Competitors (discussion of who are the competitors and what is the structure of the industry)  This is worth 10 points out of 100 points so treat accordingly.

Porter’s Five Forces Analysis (I would clearly connect your analysis of each Force to your recommendation as you discuss each Force -this would be your comprehensive argument supporting your recommendation – this eliminates the need for a summary or conclusion of your arguments). grading scale posted too. this paper worth a lot of points important paper. 

2 assignments 2 different word files and required things for both . 

assignment 2 :  read the same case study posted , and answer the question, 

Your Question:

How has the competition between Coke and Pepsi affected the industry’s profit?

Cite evidence from the case to support and develop your answer.(important to cite)

Length – 250 Words (approximately one full paged with double spaced 12 point font)

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