2024 Online Infidelity

2024 Online Infidelity


For this assignment, think about a potential study you might want to conduct in which you would need to collect numerical data. You can use the research topic and problem you developed earlier, but make sure to modify your research questions to fit a quantitative method for this assignment. In addition, while selecting the topic for the research project please consider the contribution to the field of MFT. Copy and paste the instructions below into your document and provide succinct responses below each:

State the research problem and ensure it is supported by at least three to five scholarly resources within the past five years to ensure relevancy. Discuss whether you had to alter the problem statement to now reflect a quantitative design.

How could you use quantitative methodology to address your research problem?

State the purpose of the research effort. Make sure the purpose is aligned with the problem.

Draft two to three research questions that would be appropriate for a quantitative study and addresses your research problem and are aligned with your purpose statement. You might choose to revise your previous qualitative research questions or develop new research questions. Either way, ensure alignment with the problem and purpose.

Identify and discuss a design that is associated with quantitative methodology that you would consider to answer your research questions.

Based on your analysis above, do you feel the use of a quantitative methodology and your chosen design is best suited to address your research problem and answer your questions. Why or why not?

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