2024 Nursing Theory

2024 Nursing Theory



Case Studies:  Students are required to complete case studies as they are assigned via Blackboard. The case study rubric will be posted on the Blackboard and will be available for viewing by students. After posting a critique of the article, students must also respond to 2 other original posts.

  • Read the article, discuss the relevance to your current research agenda/problem.
  • Your identifiable problem. What is it?
  • Your proposed nursing theorist that most identifies with your research issue. Whom did you use?
  • Is there a direct correlation? Does the theorist support your research problem?
  • Is there a connection to nursing practice?
  • Does the research offer any diverse support or methodologies?
  • How will you use the outcomes in practice?

***Original Assignment must be written in APA 6th Edition, please include references and intext citations if used. All responses are submitted in the discussion board format. The assignment is worth 15 points.

Please review the following article (there is an attachment). Here is the article and its citation:


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