2024 Military History Paper

2024 Military History Paper


 Army Leadership Argumentative Paper 


Requirement:  Review ADP 6-22 and The Profession of Arms White Paper, then select a chapter from ADP 6-22 (chapters 2 through 7 only) and write a 3-4 page (body of text) paper defending why you think that particular aspect of leadership is the most important, with respect to the duty positions and responsibilities of a Captain in the U.S. Army. 

The aspects of leadership are: Chapter 2 (Character), Chapter 3 (Presence), Chapter 4 (Intellect), Chapter 5 (Leading), Chapter 6 (Developing), and Chapter 7 (Achieving). Provide three examples that support your argument. These examples should be supported by U.S. Army doctrine, or incorporate additional academic or professional sources. 



a. Introduction paragraph

b. Define and describe the aspect of leadership you selected 

c. Discuss at least three examples that support your argument

d. Conclusion paragraph


a. Microsoft Word document

b. Chicago Manual of Style (CMS) or Turabian

c. Title Page: see example provided

d. Length: 3-4 Pages (body of text)

e. Font: Arial 12 or Times New Roman 12

f. Margins: 1 inch margins top, bottom, left and right

g. Sentence Length: No more than 30 words

h. Paragraphs:  3 to 11 sentences

j. Page Numbers: Bottom of page, centered

k. Sentence Spacing (space between sentences): Two spaces after each sentence

l. Line Spacing (space between lines): Double spaced (two lines)

m. Paragraph Spacing (above or below paragraphs):  Double spaced (two lines)

n. Required sources (four minimum): ADP 6-22, the Profession of Arms White Paper, and at least two (2) Additional sources books, magazines or online articles

o. Cite all sources used, to include U.S. Army publications

p. Citations will be in Notes and Bibliography style 

q. Footnotes: can be as small as 10 font and as large as 12 font

r. Accurate and correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar

s. No Oxford comma

t. Bibliography page

paper must be peer reviewed. Include their name, their score for your paper, strengths and weaknesses in the bottom left portion of the score sheet (rubric).

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