2024 Code Of Ethic

2024 Code Of Ethic


Work should be saved in one of the following formats: DOC, DOCX, or PDF.  Remember your work should be original (as the Plagiarism Detection software will produce an Originality Score which should be 30% or under).  Keep direct quotes to an absolute minimum (paraphrase and include proper citations is a better approach).  

Your paper should address the following information:

  • What is a Code of Ethics (and why is it important)?
  • What is the difference between a code of ethics, a mission statement, and policy and procedures? 
  • Review an organization’s code of ethics. Students prefer to choose an organization which they are currently or have previously been employed.  There are 3 papers required in this course based on your specific company.  You would be adding to your workload by choosing one you needed to do additional research on.  I am not looking for business research papers on these topics.  All topics need to be focused on ethics and have original content.
  • Start the section on your organization by explaining who it is and what it does (structure, business, your relationship, etc.)
  • Does this organization have a formal code of ethics?
  • If not, are elements of a code included in other documents (employee handbook, policy and procedures, etc.)?
  • Review various aspects of the code (strengths and weaknesses).
  • Compare this code (formal or informal) to at least 1 code from the above list.  What is included?  What is missing?
  • Compare your organization’s code to others in the industry (i.e., a competitor).  What are the similiarities?  Differences?
  • How would you strengthen the code?  Codes need to be constantly reviewed and revised.  You need at least 2 suggestions for improvement.

You may select a code from those listed in the ADDITIONAL RESOURCES section, but more research is needed beyond these links.  

Evaluate the code based on information you have read in Module 2. (Be sure to discuss specifics of the code as you make your case) 

Is it a strong code?  Did you know it existed before this assignment?  How is the code different from Policy and Procedures?  or is it the same?

Start your paper by explaining what the purpose of a Code of Ethics should be.  Include references and proper citations per APA style format.

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