2024 BUS 517 Discussion Post Response

2024 BUS 517 Discussion Post Response


BUS 517 discussion post responses.

Respond to the colleagues posts regarding:

Dedicated or Non-Dedicated Resources

You are now deciding on resources for a project team. You have a choice to staff a team of resources who will be dedicated (or allocated) 100% to the project, or staff a team of resources who will be dedicated (or allocated) three days each week to your project. Using information from the readings, explain how you can use either set of resources.

There are two discussions here that need to be responded to thoroughly. Responses must be on APA format 150+words 1-2 legitimate verifiable sources per response.

SW post states the following:

This weeks review is in regards to dedicated project staff versus temporary project staff. The dedicated project team consists of 100% project staff allocation for project activities. The ability to have a support staff that is dedicated to the project with no external activities ensures the project is the main focus. Advantages of a dedicated team are as follows:

Primary focus on tasks, risk mitigation, and results.

Removal of loyalty conflicts due to sharing across multiple roles.

Assurance that project activities can be completed with a consistent set of people.

However, a dedicated team has its negatives to the business more than the project itself.

100% dedication to the project means normal duties are not completed.

oThis can mean a loss of productivity in other parts of the business at the cost of project success.

Can create a Us vs Them dynamic as the dedicated project team builds a sense of ownership of the project results.

Can also create an atmosphere of Project over normal operation creating departmental separation.

As can be seen from the two lists the bonus that arises from a dedicated team benefits the project heavily but in turn, can create undesired assumptions and attitudes in the workplace. Whether this is an outcome that is manageable or one you wish to avoid would depend on understanding the companies governing principles and work environment. Regardless, the ability to maximize the project activities and meet objectives with a consistent team of professionals is a stable and optimal situation for most projects.

A temporary team that works three days a week is the second option for our project. This means that our project staff will provide three days of dedicated work to the project. This type of staffing can fix many of the negative issues to the business advised for the dedicated team. With less of a project first focus, other teams and departments lack the assumptions that the project comes before normal work. Three days a week can mean that project activities need either a focused approach maximizing progress or a longer timeline to avoid missing deadlines. The positives of a dedicated team become your negatives. Shared responsibilities can build an unintentional hierarchy with regards to project tasks and normal work procedures. Loyalty issues arise causing focus issues with project tasks. A good project manager will manage the staff to ensure that dont feel pressure to prioritize their different work hats and get the best out of the staff during the three days.

KR post states the following:

In deciding which resources is best suitable for this EHR Project team a dedicated support staff was chosen. The support staff will carryout the project tasks identified. The implementation of this system is critical to the organization and this structure will facilitate a successful project implementation. experienced staffing will be strategically selected in house. 

As experience staffing will be required and select in house 1st before deciding to outsource missing expertise. Staffing is one of the partial risk profile which will required great emphasis. Projects and project management are integrative by nature for example, When additional risks associated with various staffing alternatives are identified, then one or more of those processes may be revisited. Human Resources along with the head of department will oversee staffing alternatives. This includes moving people to different assignments, outsourcing some of the work, or replacing team members who leave during EHR Project. 


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