2024 Assignment: Parental Anticipatory Guidance

2024 Assignment: Parental Anticipatory Guidance


Assignment: Parental Anticipatory Guidance

Assignment: Parental Anticipatory Guidance

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Question 14

At which of the following ages in a young child’s life is parental anticipatory guidance about infant sleep position most helpful?

Question options:

1) Birth.

2) 2 weeks.

3) 2 months.

4) 4 months.

Question 15

With regard to seasonal influenza prevention in well children, the NP considers that:

Question options:

1) compared with school-aged children, younger children (? 24 months old) have an increased risk of seasonal influenza-related hospitalization.

2) a full adult dose of seasonal influenza vaccine should be given starting at age 4 years.

3) the use of the seasonal influenza vaccine in well children is discouraged.

4) widespread use of the vaccine is likely to increase the risk of eczema and antibiotic allergies.

Question 16

Rebound tenderness is best described as abdominal pain that worsens with:

Question options:

1) light palpation at the site of the discomfort.

2) release of deep palpation at the site of the discomfort.

3) palpation on the contralateral side of the abdomen.

4) deep palpation at the site of the discomfort.

Question 17

A Still murmur:

Question options:

1) is heard in the presence of cardiac pathology.

2) has a humming or vibratory quality.

3) is a reason for denying sports participation clearance.

4) can become louder when the patient is standing.

Question 18

Common causative organisms of acute suppurative conjunctivitis include all of the following except:

Question options:

1) staphylococcus aureus.

2) haemophilus influenzae.

3) streptococcus pneumoniae.

4) pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Question 19

Which of the following imaging studies potentially exposes the patient being evaluated for abdominal pain to the lowest ionizing radiation burden?

Question options:

1) Ultrasound.

2) Barium enema.

3) CT scan.

4) Abdominal flat plate.

Question 20

At which age is a child at greatest risk of death from pertussis?

Question options:

1) <1 year.

2) 2–4 years.

3) 5–10 years.

4) >10 years.

Question 21

A healthy 3-year-old child is in your office for well-child care. You expect this child to be able to:

Question options:

1) name five colors.

2) alternate feet when climbing stairs.

3) speak in two-word phrases.

4) tie shoelaces.

Question 22

Treatment options in acute and recurrent allergic conjunctivitis include all of the following except:

Question options:

1) cromolyn ophthalmic drops.

2) oral antihistamines.

3) ophthalmological antihistamines.

4) corticosteroid ophthalmic drops.

Question 23

Rectal bleeding associated with anal fissure is usually described by the patient as:

Question options:

1) drops of blood noticed when wiping.

2) dark brown to black in color and mixed in with normal-appearing stool.

3) a large amount of brisk red bleeding.

4) significant blood clots and mucus mixed with stool.

Question 24

Concerning the MMR vaccine, which of the following is true?

Question options:

1) The link between use of MMR vaccine and childhood autism has been firmly established.

2) There is no credible scientific evidence that MMR use increases the risk of autism.

3) The use of the combined vaccine is associated with increased autism risk, but giving the vaccine’s three components as separate vaccines minimizes this risk.

4) The vaccine contains thimerosal, a mercury derivative.

Question 25

You are examining an 18-year-old man who is seeking a sports clearance physical examination. You note a mid-systolic murmur that gets louder when he stands. This may represent:

Question options:

1) aortic stenosis.

2) hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

3) a physiologic murmur.

4) a Still’s murmur.

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