2024 Assignment: Glucose Monitoring Software

2024 Assignment: Glucose Monitoring Software


Assignment: Glucose Monitoring Software

Assignment: Glucose Monitoring Software

Assignment: Glucose Monitoring Software

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Week 4 discussion Discussion Prompt 1 You have been asked to implement a new blood glucose monitoring software application. Provide a communication plan that includes who, what, when, and how. Discussion Prompt 2 Describe the policies and/or procedures to put into place that will assist in the management of an electronic health record. Identify creative strategies to encourage physicians and other clinicians to participate in the implementation of a new health IT system. Should employees who have repeatedly failed to attend go-live classes be subjected to discipline measures?

What is diabetes software?

A combination of start-ups, open-source services, app developers and diabetes device companies have created various tools and apps that are commonly referred to as Diabetes Management Software. All have a different level of sophistication, but all are focused on some aspect of diabetes management, diabetes data presentation or diabetes devices. Diabetes software will often include data from pulled from glucose meters or logbooks – including diet and medication tracking – insulin pumps and pens. In some cases, glucose data stored in patient glucose meters is automatically synced with their complementary diabetes software. In other cases, it is manually entered by the patient or their care team.

Diabetes software can include aggregate and analytical views of diabetes data. These views include:

– Calendar views that display glucose trends and compare them to patient’s insulin intake.

– Modal day views that display glucose trends and compare them to insulin intake on the same day of the week over time.

– Listing of contextual and lifestyle data such as patient’s carb intake.

– Insulin data that includes pie charts showing the ratio of basal to bolus rates.

– General data tables that show average blood glucose rates bucketed into different time periods

– And more.

More advanced diabetes software applications can include predictive insights. These insights can provide patients with alerts regarding their propensity to experience hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia events under certain conditions.

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