2024 Assignment: Cognitive developmental

2024 Assignment: Cognitive developmental

2024 Assignment: Cognitive developmental.


Assignment: Cognitive developmental

Cognitive developmental

Assignment: Cognitive developmental

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Lawrence kohlberg

19. The theory associated with Lawrence Kohlberg, which claims that children first learn to label

themselves as “male” and “female” and then attempt to master the behaviors that fit their gender

category, is called:

A. psychosocial

B. psychoanalytical

C. cognitive learning

Cognitive developmental

D. cognitive developmental

20. The process of transmitting culture, knowledge, skills, and dispositions that enable children to

participate effectively in group life is called:

A. conviviality


B. socialization

C. gender stereotyping

D. synchronization

Page 3 (Chapter 8 Survey)

>advanced human growth &amp



Middle Childhood: Physical and Cognitive Development

NAME _________________________________________DATE ________________________

Correct answer

DIRECTION: Circle ONLY the letter to the correct answer and write the page number where you

found the answer in the right hand margin.

1. During middle childhood physical growth is __________ than it is during early childhood or

adolescence. Assignment: Cognitive developmental


A. slower

B. faster

C. the same as

D. much faster

2. Lisa and Mark are both 8 years old. Whom would you expect to mature faster? Whom would you

Body fat

expect to have more body fat?

A. They would both mature at the same rate and have the same proportion of body fat.

B. Mark would mature faster and have more body fat.

C Lisa would mature faster and have more body fat.

D. Mark would mature faster and Lisa would have more body fat.

3. Which of these is the most common childhood illness? Assignment: Cognitive developmental

A. measles

B. mumps

C. chicken pox

D. upper respiratory infection


Answer: D

4. The major cause of death of children in middle childhood is:

A. cancer

B. diabetes

C. accidents

D. leukemia

5. Which group has the highest mortality rate for children in middle childhood? Assignment: Cognitive developmental

A. white

B. black

C. Hispanic

D. Asian

6. The definition cited in your textbook for obesity is:

A. having a body mass index greater than the 95th percentile for age and gender

B. having a body mass index greater than the 50th percentile for age and gender

C. having 50 pounds of excess weight for age and gender

D. having 70 pounds of excess weight for age and gender

Page 1 (Chapter 9 Survey)

7. What proportion of children between the ages of 6 and 11 was overweight in 2004?

A. Nearly one in three B. Nearly one in seven

C. Nearly one in five D. Nearly one half

8. Which of the following health risks is related to overweight in children?

A. early cardiovascular disease

B. diabetes mellitus

C. orthopedic problems

D. all of these

9. Although childhood obesity and overweight are on the increase, _________ is on the decrease.

A. physical education in public schools

B. sedentary activity

C. school vending machines that offer “junk” foods

D. consumption of fast food

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