2024 Assignment: Cognitive compatibility

2024 Assignment: Cognitive compatibility

2024 Assignment: Cognitive compatibility.


Assignment: Cognitive compatibility

Cognitive compatibility

Assignment: Cognitive compatibility

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Mental processes

10. The awareness and understanding of one’s own mental processes is called:

A. mental maps

B. cognitive awareness

C. metacognition

D. cognitive compatibility

11. Research on creativity has found that:

Formal education

A. formal education is essential to the development of creativity

B. creative people are often conventional thinkers with dull personalities

C. creative people were often encouraged when they were young

D. creativity relies on sheer talent to become evident

Unchanging qualities

12. At about what age do children come to recognize certain regularities or unchanging qualities in

the inner dispositions and behaviors of individuals?

A. 11

B. 6


C. 8

D. 4

13. Children in the concrete operations stage:

A. cannot understand words not tied to their own personal experiences

Describe objects

B. can only describe objects, people, and events by their physical characteristics

C. cannot make comparisons between classes of objects

D. can describe objects, people, and events by categories and functions

14. Assessment instruments that attempt to measure abilities such as cognitive processing and


achievement are called:

A. psychometric tests

B. psychotropic tests

C. instrumental tests

D. assessment variables

Chapter 9 survey

Page 2 (Chapter 9 Survey)

15. 12-year-old John has an IQ of 60. He is not able to perform daily living skills independently and

lacks communication and social skills. John would most likely be classified as having:

A. a learning disability

B. functional deficits

C. mental retardation

D. social deficits

16. The determination of the severity of mental retardation is based upon:

A. observed behaviors

B. scores from IQ tests

Physical appearance

C. physical appearance

D. genetic impairments

17. Warren has an IQ of 102 but has difficulty using spoken and written language. His mathematical

abilities are above average. Warren would most likely be classified as having: Assignment: Cognitive compatibility

A. a learning disability

B. functional deficits

C. mental retardation

D. social deficits

18. Raymond is impulsive, cannot follow directions, and finds it difficult to wait his turn for

outdoor activities. He frequently leaves his assignments before he is finished to pursue some other

activity. Raymond’s disability is most likely: Assignment: Cognitive compatibility

A. dyslexia

B. dysgraphia


D. dyscalculia

19. An Individualized Education Plan (IEP) is provided for all students who are classified as having

a disability. Which of the following people are involved in developing this plan? Assignment: Cognitive compatibility

A. school psychologist

B. child’s teacher

C. child advocate

D. all of these

20. According to your textbook, the largest proportion of students attends which alternative to

public schooling? Assignment: Cognitive compatibility

A. private schools

B. home schooling

C. charter schools

D. magnet schools

Page 3 (Chapter 9 Survey)

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