2024 Assignment: Antibiotic Therapy

2024 Assignment: Antibiotic Therapy


Assignment: Antibiotic Therapy

Assignment: Antibiotic Therapy

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Question 26

Which of the following statements is correct about the varicella vaccine?

Question options:

1) This vaccine contains killed varicella-zoster virus (VZV).

2) A short febrile illness is common during the first days after vaccination.

3) Children should have a varicella titer drawn before receiving the vaccine.

4) Rarely, mild cases of chickenpox have been reported in immunized patients.

Question 27

A healthy 6-year-old girl presents for care. Her parents request that she receive vaccination for influenza and report that she has not received this vaccine in the past. How many doses of influenza vaccine should she receive this flu season?

Question options:

1) 1.

2) 2.

3) 3.

4) 4.

Question 28

At which of the following ages in a young child’s life is parental anticipatory guidance about toilet-training readiness most helpful?

Question options:

1) 12 months.

2) 15 months.

3) 18 months.

4) 24 months.

Question 29

The murmur of atrial septal defect is usually:

Question options:

1) found in children with symptoms of cardiac disease.

2) first found on a 2–6-month well-baby examination.

3) found with mitral valve prolapse.

4) presystolic in timing.

Question 30

You are examining an 18-month-old boy who is not speaking any discernible words. Mom tells you he has not said “mama or dada” yet or babbled or smiled responsively. You:

Question options:

1) encourage the mother to enroll her son in daycare to increase his socialization.

2) conduct further evaluation of milestone attainment.

3) reassure the parent that delayed speech is common in boys.

4) order audiogram and tympanometry.

Question 31

Treatment options for streptococcal pharyngitis for a patient with penicillin allergy include all of the following except:

Question options:

1) azithromycin.

2) trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole.

3) clarithromycin.

4) clindamycin.

Question 32

Which of the following is one of the more common sources of hepatitis A infection in the United States?

Question options:

1) Receiving blood products.

2) Ingestion of raw shellfish.

3) Drinking municipally sourced tap water drinking water.

4) Exposure to fecally contaminated food.

Question 33

Juice intake is acceptable in children 6 months and older per which of the following recommendations? Select all that apply.

Question options:

1) The juice is mixed in small amounts to flavor water.

2) Only 100% juice is used.

3) Juice replaces no more than one serving of milk.

4) The juice is consumed in the morning with breakfast.

5) No more than 6 oz. (177 mL) per day is recommended for children 6 months to 5 years.

Question 34

Treatment of viral conjunctivitis can include:

Question options:

1) moxifloxacin ophthalmic drops.

2) polymyxin B ophthalmic drops.

3) oral acyclovir.

4) no antibiotic therapy needed.

Question 35 1 / 2 points

Which of the following benchmarks indicate normal development by a healthy child born at term who is now 12 months of age? Select all that apply.

Question options:


Talking in two-word sentences.


Pointing to a desired object.


Reaching for a desired object.


Walking backward.

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