2024 As the nurse educator responsible for orienting new staff on four medical/surgical units, you have a group of nurses that you depend on to precept new hires

2024 As the nurse educator responsible for orienting new staff on four medical/surgical units, you have a group of nurses that you depend on to precept new hires

2024 As the nurse educator responsible for orienting new staff on four medical/surgical units, you have a group of nurses that you depend on to precept new hires.


Teaching about Legal and Ethical Issue

Nurse educator role

(The Nurse Educator Role)

As nurses we are all very aware of the myriad of legal and ethical issues in any health care setting. We are familiar with licensing for health care professionals, perhaps, carry our own malpractice insurance, and have been cautioned by our employing institutions to always follow policy and procedures.

Nursing education is no different; there are specific legal and ethical issues that are of concern to nurse educators.

Real-world evidence

Additionally, nurse educators are often called upon to teach others about specific legal and ethical issues. This can create an interesting balance between adhering to the legal and ethical responsibility of the nurse educator’s role, while also providing enough context and real-world evidence to help assist others in learning about specific legal and ethical issues.

Assignment Instruction:

Preparation: In this assessment, you will create a PowerPoint presentation of 12–17 slides that you could use to teach a group about a legal or ethical issue related to nursing or nursing education. To do so, you will select a case from the Nursing Education Legal and Ethical Scenarios media piece.

Review the case and take time to reflect on the change that needs to occur and the group that you will be addressing.

Research what the group needs to know to improve the legal or ethical situation that has occurred.

Use a minimum of seven references, of which at least five should come from peer-reviewed sources.

Conduct research

As you conduct research, synthesize information that will be needed to evoke a change in the situation.


Create a 12–17 slide PowerPoint presentation that you would use to teach about the legal or ethical situation and to create change related to that situation.

Note: You must include additional 2–4 context slides. These are additional slides that provide contextual information for this assessment. Follow the guidelines for the two types of slides below.

>presentation slides

Presentation Slides

For your 12–17 slide presentation:

Choose an appropriate theme and style.

Include an introductory slide that identifies the problem and your role.

Important information

Use slides to convey the important information and understandings to the group.

Provide a summary slide that reiterates the important points of the presentation.

Provide a slide that offers resources for the group after the teaching/learning experience.

Include a slide with any references used in preparing the PowerPoint.

Cultural sensitivity aspects

Use the speaker’s notes feature to provide any additional information that you would include in the presentation. This should include any cultural sensitivity aspects and how the content is expected to make a change regarding the issue being addressed.

Context Slides

For the 2–4 contextual slides (which are not considered part of the actual presentation but rather should contain information that you as a presenter would need to consider in your preparation and presentation):

Discuss any specific cultural and/or diversity aspects of the presentation that could be significant in the learning process. Include references and sources used to inform this.

Analyze how the presentation may result in a significant change in the identified environment. Cite any relevant sources.

>develop specific plans

Develop specific plans for how you might stay informed about the legal or ethical issue that was your focus. What resources could you use to learn about changes or developments that would impact your work?

Additional Requirements

Your presentation should meet the following requirements:

Presentation: Create a professional-looking PowerPoint presentation, using speaker notes throughout.

Written communication: Written communication should be free of grammar and spelling errors that distract from the content.

APA format: Use correct APA format for all citations and references.

2–4 additional contextual slides

Length: 12–17 slides for teaching presentation plus 2–4 additional contextual slides. Be sure to include the references slide.

Case Scenario : (topic: ETHICS IN STAFF EDUCATION). As the nurse educator responsible for orienting new staff on four medical/surgical units, you have a group of nurses that you depend on to precept new hires. Marcy is a new RN who is a recent graduate of a local BSN program; she has been hired as a staff nurse on a cardiology unit. She advised HR and her nurse manager when she was hired that she has a hearing deficit and has a special amplified stethoscope that she uses. She also shared this with you and with her precepting nurse, Jason. You note that in orientation classes she is attentive, engages in class activities, and relates well to the others in her class. When you meet with Marcy and Jason to review orientation progress, her skills check list is more than halfway completed. Jason compliments Marcy on her patient education skills with CHF patients and their families. You ask if either has any concerns about how the orientation is going. Marcy shakes her head no, but Jason encourages her to discuss a concern. Marcy tells you that there are several nurses on the unit that have asked about her stethoscope and have made negative comments about her abilities to work in cardiology. Marcy says this has happened several times. Jason states he did not hear it because he was on the phone or out of the nurse’s station; however, Marcy told him about it later. You are concerned because you recognize this as horizontal violence or bullying and a potential violation of the Americans for Disabilities Act. You tell Marcy and Jason that you will discuss it with the nurse manager.

After talking with the nurse manager, who agrees this is a serious issue, a plan is devised. The nurse manager will follow-up with her assistant manager and both will be alert for any further incidents with any staff. You will do a presentation on horizontal violence or bullying that will be presented to all nurses over the next month with a discussion session.

Attendance will be mandatory.

Scoring Guide:

1.Describes a legal or ethical issue that requires changes in staff, faculty, or student behaviors, and details the necessary changes in ways that smoothly segue into the chosen change management approach.

2.Synthesizes resource information needed to evoke a change in the described situation, and identifies areas of uncertainty or knowledge gaps.

3.Creates a teaching presentation on a legal or ethical issue designed to evoke change in staff, faculty, or a student group, and incorporates elements that might facilitate ways to measure that change.

4.Identifies culturally sensitive issues and how they should be addressed in the change process, and grounds the identification in evidence-based research.

5.Develops specific, realistic, actionable plans for continuous learning about a legal or ethical issue, and identifies areas where additional information is needed for better understanding.

6.Designs a PowerPoint presentation with no grammar, usage, mechanics, or APA errors, and ensures the presentation demonstrates logical flow, measured but effective use of graphics or animation, and scholarly but accessible tone.

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Nurse educator responsible

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