2024 3025 dq5 main post

2024 3025 dq5 main post


Find a Youtube video or similar source with an interesting visual illusion. Provide the link for your peers to also be able to watch the illusion. Based on your understanding of the visual system, describe which neurologic processes (such as lateral inhibition or opponent process color vision) might explain this illusion.

**Discussion board posting requirements: For each discussion board, be sure to have one main post of at least 400 words and two reply posts of at least 200 words in order to demonstrate sufficient depth to your responses. To receive the highest grade for the discussion board posts, be sure to integrate the textbook as well as additional scholarly sources to support your contributions. Take a look at the empirical literature and include peer-reviewed journal articles to support your posts. Please have your posts submitted on at least two separate days (e.g., don’t post your main post and reply posts all on the same day). This will be worth one point per discussion board and falls under the “Advances Conversations” portion of the discussion board rubric. This helps to spread out the conversation over the course of the unit, and it gives every student the chance to respond to the discussion at a time convenient to their schedule (instead of most of the discussion occurring on the due date). Reply posts can be to either your peers’ posts or to the instructors posts.

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