2024 3 Discussion Boards

2024 3 Discussion Boards



Of all the forms of finance crimes discussed, which do you consider the most serious, and why?  Are there any forms of finance crime that you do not think should be considered a crime?  If so, why? 300 word minimum

Aside from your project, what other NEW criminal justice/law enforcement initiatives can you think of.

What type of research is supporting the new initiatives?

Why do you feel that is important?

How do you think this new initiative could change the criminal justice world?

With your research, you will be reviewing a total of four (4) peer reviewed articles. For this discussion board, attach 1 of your articles and summarize it briefly for your peers. Please make sure this is a different article than your Unit 3 submission.

What key data will you be using for your research?

How do you think this article will play a role in your final research?

What are the 3 most important facts do you think this article covers?

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